Cambon Partners
M&A boutique for growth companies
About Cambon Partners

M&A boutique specializing in mid-cap transactions with a unique expertise in growth companies. With over 250 transactions closed since 2003, we have built a large ecosystem with VC's and international buyers.

Cambon Partners intervenes at all stages of the company's lifecycle: venture, growth capital, LBO and M&A.

We have developed strong expertise in various verticals such as IT services, Insurance, E-Travel, Enterprise software, E-commerce, Digital Media and communication services.

We have a presence in Paris, London, San Francisco and Beijing with a team of 35 skilled M&A professionals. Cambon Partners is ranked among the Top 5 M&A boutique in France.

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David Salabi
Partner and Founder

When I founded Financière Cambon in 2003, I had already worked in audit and investment banking, at ARJIL (a Lagardère group company) where I had overseen large transactions in the aerospace, energy and telecom sectors. I later put this experience to good use when I headed the mergers and acquisitions department at MGT, which at that time was specialized in Internet companies. This was in the 2000’s, at the dawn of the digital economy, which was an intensely active and fertile period, yet also a fragile one as the bursting of the dotcom bubble and its damaging consequences were soon to prove. However, I had the intuition that this was the sector to invest in and was convinced that this New Economy would rebound. My decision to create Financière Cambon was based on this belief.

Our position in the market was therefore quite clear from the start - we focus on growth companies. Initially, these were IT services and software companies, but quite rapidly, in 2005-2006, the digital economy came back with a vengeance bringing with it the development of e-commerce, new media and social networks. Financial markets are once again showing interest in these companies, many of which are growing at a dizzying pace.

Private equity in this segment is growing by leaps and bounds and the numbers of Tech LBOs and strategic sales are steadily increasing.

Cambon has made a place for itself in this dynamic market, which has not slowed despite economic and financial crises. We started without a well known brand or reputation. This is why we were immediately uncompromising about our technical expertise and the quality of service we offer our clients.

Flawless service and execution down to the smallest detail is still our hallmark and almost an obsession.

Today, I am proud of what we have accomplished and of our uninterrupted growth over the years. I am particularly proud of how we have satisfied our clients, the CEOs whom we supported at a crucial moment of their entrepreneurial careers, and in their lives.

My objective today is to ensure Cambon’s international development, to further consolidate our positions in our vertical markets and to be the firm that investors automatically turn to. To achieve this goal I am extremely fortunate in being able to count on a group of very talented and young individuals with a wide range of complementary skills and who form a strong and close-knit team.

28, boulevard Malesherbes, Paris, 75008, France